Navigating the Road Forward Paper

Looking ahead

Anyone who has been driving for hours down a dark, country road with no street-lights, lights on high beam, watching intently for animals straying into your path or an unexpected corner understands that it is a fatigue inducing and stressful experience.

For business leaders and advisors, navigating COVID-impacted markets over the last 18 months feels like a similar experience. You dare not take your eyes of the road for a moment while staying agile and adapting quickly to whatever comes around the corner.

Tired and fatigued you can now see a glimmer of light as you turn your attention to the future. It’s now time to reflect on:

• what you’ve learnt about yourself, your business and teams during the pandemic. What has worked? What hasn’t?
• your business vision for the years ahead. Should you stay on the same path or pivot aspects of what you do?
• the strategies to focus on for the next 12 months.
• whether you are change ready for the year ahead.