Growth Accelerator Programme

Achieving growth in a cluttered market is becoming increasingly difficult as the pace of change accelerates and day-to-day distractions delay essential planning activities.

Uncovering the growth strategies to cut through is a key component of our business. By reviewing your target markets, current performance, product strategies, competitors, pricing and much more your experienced advisors will facilitate a process to develop practical strategies that will set you on a clear path to achieving, and hopefully exceeding, your growth targets.

Striving for increased growth is an objective for most businesses however the path is not always a smooth one. Understanding what products, services, people, industries and market segments will provide you the desired growth and then what strategies are required to ensure you achieve your goals is critical.

At a glance

Duration: 3 months

Investment: $6320 + GST pm*

Bonus: Online Growth Strategy Course for 2 people

What you get

  • Faster and more managed growth with an implementation programme to suit
  • Clarity around your pricing
  • Improved profitability
  • More confidence, more focus, more energy
  • A more valuable business with a robust and rigorous plan
  • Greater confidence in the future

What you will learn

  • How to develop the BEST strategic plan for your business
  • How to develop a marketing and sales strategy that works for you
  • A series of growth tools you can use in your business
  • How to make the growth actually happen
  • How to improve the value of your business

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*Dependent upon size & complexity of business