Managing For Excellence Programme

‘Employees who enjoy 75% of their daily activities are 3 times more likely to succeed in their jobs and stay longer than employees who don’t.’ – Validation research studies by Harrison Assessments International

This programme has been designed for managers to give them the self-awareness and skills to effectively manage their team members and help each other reach their full potential.

At a glance

Investment: $2,885 + GST per person

Bonus: Personal Growth Course for each participant

Discounts apply for multiple participants

What you get

  • Harrison Assessments Leadership Profile reports for each participant
  • One-on-one review with Angela Grogan, an accredited Harrison Assessment Consultant
  • Full-day Managing for Excellence workshop

What you will learn

  • Understand and gain an overview of the management competencies in managing self, others and business
  • Gain insights into simple self-management models to create self awareness and understanding yourself and others
  • Identify paradoxical strengths that support and inspire your performance
  • Identify paradoxical imbalances and seek to develop these to improve performance
  • Develop self through gaining greater insights into your own behaviours and preferences
  • Identify and discover how to leverage your team’s strengths
  • Learn about the value of coaching and developing to identify potential and improve performance in others
  • Understand the competencies of leadership and managing change in addressing business challenges

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