The 2021 Leadership Report – Behaviours for High Performance


Executive Summary

After a rollercoaster ride in 2020, 2021 will be an opportunity for business leaders to reflect, reset and take advantage of a wealth of new opportunities driven by changing consumer demand, digital advances, flexible workforces, economic shifts and lingering COVID restrictions.

The insights from this report are drawn from the results of a global survey of Mindshop leaders and advisors undertaken in late 2020. It explores the capabilities, behaviours and traits needed for leaders to navigate 2021 successfully, inviting leaders to reflect on their own gaps through five key questions, and mapping their training and development needs to address each gap.

The survey results highlighted that business leaders who had their resilience tested through 2020 have good confidence to push for growth in 2021 but need to lock in the lessons learnt navigating COVID impacted markets to get the most from their teams (through improved coaching) and importantly themselves (through improved productivity habits and behaviours) to achieve their goals.

The strategies and plans leaders develop for 2021 also need to be ‘change ready’ and stay agile to pivot as market and customer demand will evolve rapidly through the year. Leaders want to spend more time discovering what is working and what is not from experienced fellow leaders to help shape their 2021 strategies.

A November 2020 McKinsey article entitled ‘Closing the capability gap in the time of COVIDCOVID-19 ’ draws attention to an evolved, blended way of building capability that focuses not just on learning but also the importance of behavioural changes that only come from regular, practical application of that knowledge. To guide the development of these behavioural changes Mindshop developed in this report a new ‘Five Phases of a High Performing Leader’ model which ties together the report insights and lessons from 2020 to map the behaviours and traits for a high
performing leader.

Why don’t you read the 2021 Mindshop Business Leader Report – Behaviours for High Performance report to identify where your gaps and opportunities for improvement lie?