The 2023 Mindshop Business Leader Performance Trends Best Practice Report – Reset, Reskill, Refire

Key Insights

What does it take to be a high performing leader in 2023?

High performing leaders in 2023 have a range of common traits helping them navigate challenges in the current market. They may include:

  • high levels of emotional intelligence, self awareness and empathy
  • customer centricity in decision making and good understanding of emerging trends
  • being ‘optimistic contrarians’
  • having a focus on profitable growth (the number one theme from survey results)
  • building clear, inspiring medium to long-term visions
  • being strong builders of team and culture
  • leading by example through being tenacious implementers
  • not letting ‘perfection be the enemy of good’
  • a continuous improvement mindset.

While these act as a strong foundation, no leader is perfect, and all have different combinations of strengths and weaknesses. To learn these lessons from other leaders, the insights contained in this report have been grouped under one of four pillars of success:

  1. Trends 2023: business and leadership
  2. Leadership: capability and mindset
  3. Implementation: people and productivity
  4. Performance: strategy and vision

These also include a wealth of best practice suggestions from fellow leaders as to how they are achieving high performance in each area.

How to use the report

Use the report to guide your planning for 2023, gather tips to improve your own performance, share with your team and shape your vision for the years ahead. It will be an exciting, pivotal year of change for many leaders and businesses, don’t waste it.

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