BBL Session Roundup: Discovering what every leader needs to know to keep their business innovative

Business innovation is a catch-22, ignore the latest trends and get left behind, or get caught up in ‘the next big thing’ and risk taking your eye off the ball. At our latest Best Business Leaders Programme session, we discussed the role of the leader in maintaining a balanced approach to innovation in business. Session highlights included:

1. Best practice for driving innovation in a business and what practical actions can be put in place today to do things differently. We explored some do’s and don’ts for successful technology implementation

2. Ensuring your team members stay curious. How they can spot appropriate innovation opportunities?
3. Uncovering the hype v reality of emerging technologies and finding the right pace of change for your business and customers
4. We applied the product portfolio analysis tool to identify emerging innovation opportunities to drive product development strategy.

All our sessions are highly practical, we spend time discussing and developing strategies and transforming them into actions to take away and implement for an immediate impact on our businesses. This is the action plan that we started yesterday. Attendees will take these initial actions and turn them into measurable 90-day goals.

If you’re interested in joining our dynamic, high-value learning sessions, you can find out more here or contact Angela Grogan on 0409692163 or

The next Best Business Leaders Programme session will be held on 20 November 2019 at Intersect, 167 Flinders Street, Adelaide. See our upcoming events calendar below.

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