BBL Session Roundup: Where are your opportunities to pivot & adapt in your business and role?

May 2020: Survive-Pivot/Adapt-Thrive Webinar
Where are your opportunities to pivot & adapt in your business and role?

In each Best Business Leaders’ Programme session we seek to inject new thinking about leadership high performance.  This round, we looked at being an effective leader during the current crisis and how to survive, pivot, adapt and thrive as leaders navigate themselves, teams and businesses through this challenging period.

We discussed where the opportunities are to pivot & adapt in their business and role, now that global restrictions begin to ease and businesses start to emerge from survival model to a COVID-safe new normal.  This topic has been adapted from the original face-to-face Best Business Leaders’ Programme plan.

In this challenging period, it’s important for owners and leaders to look at how they navigate these challenges. Important to this will be their ability to pivot and adapt their business, team, model and products and services where applicable to an evolving market.

Topics and strategies discussed included:

  • Insights on where in the survive, pivot & adapt roadmap businesses now find themselves
  • Insights from peers on how they are navigating this next stage of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Where the opportunities lie to pivot & adapt in our businesses and roles
  • Tools and processes to drive strategies which can be implemented immediately in our day-to-day roles
  • What key actions to be taken over the next 30-days

Overall a terrific session was had by all to point each leader in the right direction for greater success in 2020.

If you’re interested in joining our practical, high-value learning sessions we would like to invite you to join us at the next Best Business Leaders’ Programme session on 19 August 2020, please contact Angela Grogan on 0409 692 163 or or click here to register.

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