The Road Forward – Unlocking Opportunities for your Business

Do you feel like you’re experiencing ground-hog years? Do you feel like you and your team keep re-inventing the wheel with little cut through? You may like to focus on these four key strategies critical to unlocking a wealth of opportunities for you and your business:

1 Implement successfully

  • Boost the business’ probability of change success and readiness as we know that only 30% of change initiatives succeed
  • Have a very clear vision and strategy for the business
  • Instill good accountability loops to drive change

2 Accelerate your growth

  • Review and reset your sales and marketing strategies (or develop them if you don’t have any at all!)
  • Demonstrate capability wherever possible but especially your website, social media and other channels to market
  • And refine your products and services to ensure you’re staying agile and relevant to your changing customer needs

3 Deal with capacity issues

  • What systems, technology and processes would help you scale dramatically? Automate what you can but also keep your systems as simple as possible
  • Where can you reduce waste and inefficiency? I’m a big fan of conducting regular waste audits to find where the pain points are in systems, technology & processes and finding ways to mitigate the key wastes
  • And look for ways to get greater leverage across the business by regularly reviewing the team’s task lists and delegating or stopping doing those ‘could do’ tasks. Also manage headcount by leveraging technology & data.

4 Address your people challenges

  • Enhance the performance of your people which might include developing plans to bridge performance gaps for some team members and perhaps move on those who are not performing
  • Continue to improve the team culture; and
  • Strengthen the leadership in your business

I’ve recorded this 9 minute video where I go a bit deeper around these strategies:

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